Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Notice has been prepared in order to clarify the why, when, and how regarding the data we collect on our website about our website visitors.

How we use the data we collect

Actium Funds considers the privacy of all individuals entering the web site to be paramount. Any personal or identifying information that could be collected from site visitors will remain confidential, and Actium Funds acknowledges that it will not sell nor distribute your personal information to any organization third-party to Actium Funds or its affiliates. In the event that you voluntarily provide personal information, including a name, mailing address, email address, or phone number, Actium Funds may contact you via email, mail, or phone call. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy and the collection of data on this website, please contact us with your concerns at

Actium Funds currently utilizes cookies, tracking pixels, and other related technologies on its website. By visiting the Actium Funds site, users are acknowledging that third party vendors (including AdRoll and Google) are able to place cookies, or small data packet files, on the site visitor’s browser and computer for the purpose of targeted advertising. The Actium Funds website utilizes cookies, both that are placed by Actium Funds or by our third-party vendors, for a number of reasons, including to help personalize the website per site visitor. In addition, site cookies can be utilized to track a site visitor’s website usage and to deliver advertisements for Actium Funds on other websites. Actium Funds utilizes these cookies, tracking pixels, and other related technologies to collect data (including IP addresses, cookie identifiers, and website activity) collected for the purposes of targeted advertising. The data can be used by our third-party vendors (including AdRoll and Google) to help target advertisements on other websites each site visitors visits, based on the individual’s activity on the internet.

Opting out

At Actium Funds, we recognize the importance of online privacy to each visitor. As a result, we offer the following methods of opting out and controlling targeted advertisements that you may see, and options on how we might utilize your data.

Individuals are able to opt-out of seeing and being the target of targeted advertisements served by our third-party vendors or by Actium Funds by clicking on the blue icon typically appearing in the corner of the advertisements we serve across the internet. Please note: if a site visitor opts out of an advertisement and subsequently deletes their cookies, clears their cache, or upgrades their browser after opting out, there may be a need to opt-out of seeing that advertisement again. In addition, if a site visitor utilizes multiple internet browsers or internet browsing devices, they may need to opt out of the advertisements on each of their respective internet browsers and internet browsing devices. If an individual does opt-out, Actium Funds and its third-party vendors can still collect some information and data regarding a site visitor’s online and website activity for any operational purposes (including fraud prevention or analytics) but this information will not continue to be used by Actium Funds or its third-party affiliates to target further advertisements to an opted-out user.

Site visitors should note that opting out of an advertisement will not and does not prevent any individual from being served advertisements across the internet. Instead, the advertisements served to that individual may possibly be less relevant to them, as advertisements served will not be custom-delivered according to recorded interests. Instead, the advertisements served will likely be served randomly, or be served according to the current webpage the individual is browsing.