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A Loan We Declined: A Property in Wallsburg, Utah

A loan broker asked us to loan $900,000 toward the purchase of a property located in Wallsburg, Utah. We learned the property was selling for $1.6 million, a 56% LTV. This was attractive to us until we found out how the remainder of the purchase was being financed. The additional $700,000 for closing was not … click to read more

Providing Liquidity for Properties in Eden, Utah

We were approached by a prospective borrower, who lived in the Eastern United States about a loan secured by multiple properties he owned in Eden, Utah. This area has grown in desirability due to its proximity to multiple ski resorts and other recreational activities, including Pineview Reservoir.  The borrower needed liquidity and was looking to … click to read more

Refinancing Construction Loans in Sand Hollow, Utah

A borrower had just completed two homes near Sand Hollow State Park in Southern Utah. The certificates of occupancy had just been issued and they were looking for a bridge loan that could retire the construction debt and provide time to obtain traditional financing. We lent approximately 75% of the value of these homes and … click to read more

All Actium Funds Have IRR in Excess of 10.6%

The Actium Real Estate Loan Funds invest in asset-backed, hand-picked, short-term real estate loans. Through this, Actium allows you to invest like an institution, offering attractive risk-adjusted return, annual audits, seasoned management team, unique and favorable fee structure and quarterly distribution of net income to investors. The Actium High Yield Loan Funds each returned in … click to read more

Introducing Actium High Yield Loan Fund V

Actium High Yield Loan Fund V is now open for investment. The Fund provides accredited investors an opportunity to be part of the direct lending process. It offers an opportunity for attractive yield and return characteristics in an investment fund designed to both preserve capital and generate income through quarterly distributions. All loans in the … click to read more

A Loan We Declined: Kaysville, Utah Retail Center

We were asked to loan on a small retail strip center in Kaysville, Utah. While it was centrally located, it was not on a corner but located to the side of a corner property that had strong traffic patterns. The prospective borrower provided information that backed up a value in excess of $1,300,000.  We inspected … click to read more

Anatomy of an Actium Loan: Salt Lake City, Utah Multifamily Land

A borrower who owned several properties that could be redeveloped as apartments recently paid off a loan to Actium and after the refinancing was left with one residential property that was unencumbered. He had the chance to buy two adjacent properties that were single-family homes that could also be developed as apartments. Owing the three … click to read more

Anatomy of an Actium Loan: Home Renovation in Ogden, Utah

We were recently called by a real estate broker in Ogden, Utah whose office was handling the sale of a home located near the redevelopment area of Ogden’s downtown. The buyer needed to close quickly and was able to make a significant down payment but did not have access to all of the funds needed … click to read more

A Loan We Declined: Not Enough Skin in the Game

We were approached to make a loan to purchase a multi-family property spread over multiple buildings in the Millcreek area of Salt Lake County, Utah. The borrower planned to convert the property into condominiums, and it was in a desirable neighborhood with strong demographic trends. Because of the great location we decided to perform additional … click to read more

Anatomy of An Actium Loan: Helping Meet Payroll

A few weeks ago, we received a call on Friday morning from a business owner needing $200,000 to make payroll. After several large deposits did not materialize he found himself with his hands tied and short money. After he offered to pledge collateral property he purchased several months earlier in Washington County, Utah, we needed … click to read more