All Actium Funds Have IRR in Excess of 10.6%

The Actium Real Estate Loan Funds invest in asset-backed, hand-picked, short-term real estate loans. Through this, Actium allows you to invest like an institution, offering attractive risk-adjusted return, annual audits, seasoned management team, unique and favorable fee structure and quarterly distribution of net income to investors.

The Actium High Yield Loan Funds each returned in excess of 10.6% IRR, which outpaced many other fixed income investments.

We believe reduced bank lending and stricter protocols create unique investment opportunities. Recent experience has shown that bank credit policies have tightened, leading to fewer traditional sources of funding. Good businesses are denied credit despite adequate collateral, so these borrowers must seek alternative loan options carrying higher rates.

Actium serves investors by connecting them to these high-quality loans secured by first-position liens on real estate. The result is an asset class providing accredited investors the characteristics of fixed-income assets and the protection of real estate collateral.